Pepper is a lazy girl who loves to do absolutely nothing except eat snacks, sleep, and live among cats. She is a homebody, a total introvert and despite her grumpy face, she is enjoying her life where not much at all is going on.
Name: Pepper
Pronoun: She/her
Favorite snack: potato chips
Favorite activity: lying down


Hi! My name is Sai, I'm an independent illustrator currently based in Japan. I was born in Thailand and grew up in Australia until I moved to Tokyo in 2018.
I have backgrounds in architecture, design and advertising and have been working in the creative industry before finally taking the plunge to pursue my passion of becoming an independent illustrator and artist.
I find inspiration in the mundane of everyday life. I hope to keep creating and making cute and wonderful things that make your day a little better. I hope you find something that make you smile.
2011 - 'Smart ARTS Festival' Pine Street Creative Arts Centre, Sydney Australia
2012 - 'Mad Like Us', Newsagency Gallery, Sydney Australia
2021 - 'Odekake / A Day Out', Design Festa Gallery, Tokyo Japan
2021 - 'PLAY', Outre Gallery, Melbourne Australia
2023 - 'LOCALS' Group Exhibition, Outre Gallery, Melbourne Australia